About Us

Mkali Moments is an Event Planning company based in Montreal, Quebec and surrounded areas that provides planning and event rental space for weddings, corporate, social events and more. 
It is inevitable that the forces behind Mkali Moments are truly destined to making your precious moments bright
Founder and CEO; Jacqueline Dzandu's journey began growing up in the Montreal-Ghanaian community. There were practically events (such as weddings, christenings, baby showers, birthdays, funerals and more) every weekend. Since then she became intrigued and the passion for this constantly evolving industry continued to grow. It led to planning/volunteering and participating in various shows/events during her entire High School career. As well as while studying to obtain her degree in  Business Marketing/Management at Vanier College, such as the Annual BDC Case Challenge
She completed a successful internship in New York City with Creative Event Planning, a well established corporate event planning firm where she participated in planning various events such as the Annual Atlantic Tomorrow's Office Trade Show
Jacqueline really values and believes strongly in the power of specialized knowledge, which is why she went on to also earn her certification in Show and Event Management at Montreal's Trebas Institute.

Mission Statement

We pride ourselves in providing the exceptional value needed to plan your event from the “simple idea” stage to the full-blown production, whether large or small. 

We believe your event is meant to be enjoyed throughout the entire process and strive to ensure the memories you’ll have will be filled with nothing but bright moments!  

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